Important! Know These 9 Factors Before Making a Swimming Pool at Home

Swimming activities have always been a favorite sport for many people especially children. Even now, this sport is still much in demand. The benefits of this exercise in addition to healthy your body, can also be a freshener at home.
Well, many people think the swimming pool is identical to a large and magnificent house. But all these assumptions can be broken, because many houses that have a minimalist size can also have private pools. Although only not as big as other public swimming pools.
But before you make a swimming pool, there are several factors that you must know before making it, as quoted from several sources:

Dimensions and Layout of Pools
All you have to pay attention to is the size of the swimming pool and the presence of vacant land at home. If indeed the available land is not too large, you should make a minimalist pool. Because the most important thing is how you work around it. In addition, you also have to adjust the layout of the pool with the concept and theme of the house. Because the layout is very influential on the main factor making a swimming pool, so make a careful and careful planning.

Design Selection
After selecting the concept of the pool, the next step is to determine the design of the pool. The choice of this swimming pool design can be adjusted to the design you dream of and also the availability of land that you have, of course. For this design selection you can consult with a swimming pool contractor who will make your pool so that you can find the pool design that suits your dreams.

Size and Depth of Water
You need to adjust the size of the pool with the available location. Minimum size of the swimming pool at home is approximately 3 × 4 m. You also have to consider the pool user.
If the user is an adult, then make sure the child does not use it. Because of course the depth used is different from the pool for children.
For adult swimming pools, the water depth is 1.4 meters to 2 meters. You can combine the two by making the ramp as the depth separator. If you have children at home, the recommended water level is around 0.5 meters.

Terrace / Pool Deck
The area around the pool is as important as the physical structure of the swimming pool itself. One of the things that must be considered is the terrace or pool deck. There are many ideas for you in making pool decks. Some of them such as wooden decks, floors with natural rocks, stepping stone which is arranged artistically or even a terrace that is directly integrated with the house building. There are two important things related to this pool deck. First, the terraces made must be anti-slip and not slippery in order to maintain the safety and comfort of you and your family. Second, cleanliness of the pool deck. You can use a power washer machine so that the pool deck always looks clean and shiny. Because the cleanliness of the pool terrace also affects the comfort of your family, right?
Floor Surface Height
The next important thing to note is the level of the floor surface. Try not to increase the height of the pool from the pool deck. This is intended to maintain family comfort and safety.

No less important thing that you need to pay attention to before making a swimming pool, especially those located in the outdoor, is to pay attention to security. This is because the outdoor swimming pool is at risk for outsiders who are not responsible and then peek and to anticipate this then you can disguise the existence of this swimming pool so that it is not too flashy to the public. In addition, if the homeowner has a toddler, it is better to surround the pool so that the toddler cannot enter the pool area.

Add plants
If you want a natural atmosphere, give a touch of nature around your pool area. By putting some vegetation around it, it will make your swimming pool more beautiful.
You can plant coconut, frangipani, red dadap or banana fan trees to align the pool at home. But you can also add some grass around the pool. Stay adjusted to the concept of the house and pool.

One of the supporting components of the pool and important is the filter. This pool filter filters out impurities found in pool water. Besides that with the filter, the pool water will always be clean, clear, and free of all kinds of dirt.
There are 3 types of pool filters that are widely used for swimming pools, such as:
• Sand Filter which is a pool filter that uses special sand for the pool water filtration process.
• Filter cartridges are pool filters that use paper type cartridges as filter media. Usually a vertical tube in which there is a cartridge.
• DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filter which is a pool filter whose working principle is the same – using a cartridge. The difference is only in DE additives for cartridge coatings. This powder will bind dirt on the pond.
Operational and maintenance costs
Not only is the cost required for the manufacture of a swimming pool that you have to think about, because of course the swimming pool needs proper care to make the pool clean and healthy of course. For this reason, it is necessary to prepare operational costs and maintenance at your swimming pool so that your swimming pool can be kept clean and certainly not run out of cost.